King Creek Ridge May 2020

We expected bare and dry trails down low, but were uncertain as to what conditions we would find up high. We took an easterly approach to the ridge - mostly not bad with a few snow patches higher up. But the ridge itself had deep snow, mostly isothermal, so we post-holed a lot for about 300m until we reached the other ascent trail which was well used. From that point to the top west end of the ridge, the hike was mostly easy on a well packed trail. Nice, often calm conditions, and great views. Lots and lots of people up there, most respecting the distancing protocol as best as they could. When we left the ridge, we took the other route back down - this was very slippery/tricky for about 300m until the snow was less prevalent, and then it was quite good. An interesting hike, but can't wait for the snow to melt.

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